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These 5 Stocks Look Primed for a Short Squeeze

Put simply, when too many traders are holding a short position in a certain security and the price of that security begins to rally significantly, it triggers a wave of buying. That happens as both natural buyers — the bulls — buy the stock and as shorts have to buy to cover their position. The low ratio of market maker shorting means that it was mostly bona fide shorts– trying to keep the price from running away from them.

Similar to PROG, AEI stock shows a percentage float short figure on the higher end of the spectrum. The shorts are stacked deep in this trade, and any positive news could spark a squeeze. The firm’s entrance into lucrative lifestyle niches such as golf and hunting are taking it from just a workout apparel brand and stamping the firm’s logo on everyday apparel. Sprint has rallied more than 31% in the last month, a move that got catalyzed by better-than-expected earnings. For Sprint, the bigger upside could still be ahead; a full 26% of this stock’s float is still being held short as I write.

Rather, most had lived up to their short-term potential and the time had come to cash out gains and look elsewhere for candidates with stronger upside. Based on the surge in streaming use across all brands it is likely that Discovery will see continued momentum in that channel. With that in mind, the 10% YOY increase expected From Dummies to Data Structures and Algorithms for 2021 is likely to be too low and the first evidence is already in. If the shorts aren’t already covering their positions they are likely going to start soon. Looking at the charts, this stock is in a strong uptrend and one that is only gaining momentum with every earnings release, not stock that we want to short.

Is another heavily-shorted stock that’s finding its footing in 2016. Since bottoming back in February, AutoZone has rebounded to the tune of 15.5%, a performance that’s been grinding away at short sellers all along the way. AutoZone’s short interest ratio of 12.5 implies that it would take more than two weeks of nonstop buying at current volume levels for shorts to exit their positions in this stock. In a weekly report released Monday, the data provider Fintel identified five heavily shorted stocks that appear ripe for a short squeeze, especially amid recent surges in trader interest. However, there are times when the scale becomes so unbalanced, it causes what’s known as a short squeeze.

5 stocks ripe for short squeeze

Thomas got his start with the markets while working as a Chef. In 2005 a chance invitation to attend the seminar “How To Buy And Sell Your Own Stocks” altered his worldview. Soon trading and stocks consumed his every waking moment to the point of excluding all else. Thomas now enjoys a much different lifestyle engaged in his true passion, uncovering great investments. We’re taking a look at seven stocks that have a strong case to be made for growth in the coming year. And some of these stocks are offering a good entry point for investors right now.

Meme Stocks to Sell Before They Die

Have struggled to find meaningful growth, Under Armour has been showing off explosive growth rates of almost 30% annually in the last year. AutoZone tips the scales as the biggest car parts retailer in the world, with more than 5,600 is bitstamp legit locations spread across the U.S., Mexico and Brazil. That exposure to the professional side of the car market has been a valuable growth driver with minimal acquisition costs due to AutoZone’s existing expansive geographic footprint.

What’s really impressive about Walt Disney is the way it’s able to connect with consumers of all ages. Few consumer-oriented businesses can engage with users as easily as Disney, which is what affords the company superior pricing power. Since 1955, the price of admission to Disneyland in Southern California has soared more than 10,000%, or 10 times the prevailing rate of inflation during the same period.

  • I will be watching the unusual short sales transactions tool as always.
  • The Oracle of Omaha’s $5.9 billion hidden portfolio is home to five amazing companies that are ripe for the picking.
  • The shares could find a fresh burst of buying power, should short sellers and/or analysts capitulate to their upward trajectory.
  • That big-dollar aviation business gives Garmin the ability to take R&D dollars used for aerospace products and move them downstream to lower-margin offerings.

Namely, the analyst community is calling for a sales contraction of 3% driving per-share earnings back down to $3.11 for 2022. The stock’s continued to rally from its March-2020 low, however, in a way that suggests such a slowdown isn’t in the cards. The rise of crowd-sourced short-squeeze activity has short-sellers cautious if not running scared.

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They’re looking to capitalize on volatility that can ensue from a short squeeze. Well, a stock is not going to squeeze unless it has a large short interest. Typically, short interest is expressed in terms of average daily volume. People talk about something called days to cover, which is simply the number of days a stock would have to trade its average daily volume in order to completely exhaust its short interest. So a stock with an average daily volume of 1 million shares and a short interest of 5 million would have a days to cover rating of 5.

5 stocks ripe for short squeeze

That’s four times the short interest seen as recently as early this year. Recent stock movement hints that some traders may be trying to frighten short-sellers into buying shares back en masse. The security earlier surged to its highest level since February, building off of yesterday’s nearly 20% gain. The 20-day moving average has been guiding the shares higher since early August, containing a handful of pullbacks along the way.

What’s A Short Squeeze?

But ultimately, it doesn’t matter why market participants are shorting a stock — only that they are. The firm’s fourth-quarter earnings results, scheduled for the end of next month, could be an upside catalyst to look out for. Receive full access to our market insights, commentary, newsletters, breaking news alerts, and more.

It’s also as traders speculate about a potential short squeeze in MULN stock. But there are investors who do actively bet against certain stocks by selling them short. In the simplest terms, this involves borrowing the shares and immediately selling them. A few weeks or months later, the shares are repurchased and returned to the original owner, with the trader keeping the difference. Taking a quick step back, White provided a brief rundown of how he gathered his data.

If that breakout hits, then CIEN will set up to re-test or possibly take out its next major overhead resistance levels at $22 to $24 a share. “Zte Corp’s ADR shares have a borrow fee rate of 37.5%,” Risenhoover said. “Trading volume for shares has increased significantly in the last month, and the price has climbed, which puts pressure on short sellers and could precipitate a short squeeze.” Though short sellers have already started to hit the exits, with short interest down 9.6% in the most recent reporting period, there’s plenty of pessimism left to be unwound. This is per the stock’s 3.72 million shares sold short, which account for a whopping 38.7% of its available float.


So far, 7,913 puts have crossed the tape, which is double the intraday average, compared to 31,000 calls. Most popular is the September 8 call, followed by the 7 call in the same monthly series. The reasons for that trend are not something that’s in our wheelhouse. And what it suggests is that next year the markets could see a strong recovery…at some point.

Taiwan Liposome Company (ADR)

In the two most recent reporting periods, short interest on JPM rose 3.7% to 35.2 million shares, or 2.5 times the stock’s average pace of trading. What’s more, analysts have plenty of room to upwardly revise their ratings on the outperforming etoro forex reviews stock. Currently, 12 of 21 brokerages still maintain a “hold” or “strong sell” rating toward JPMorgan Chase & Co. The shares could find a fresh burst of buying power, should short sellers and/or analysts capitulate to their upward trajectory.

The potential for losses is great in the high-stakes game of financial cat-and-mouse and smart-money doesn’t like to get burned when it can do something to prevent it. That has short-interest in highly-shorted names on the decline but still ripe for a squeeze. In our never-ending quest to find the best opportunities the market has to offer, we’ve uncovered two names that fit this bill. Not only is there high short-interest to fuel a sharp rally in prices but the two are outperforming expectations and set up for a rebound.

To begin with, BofA has been benefiting from the Federal Reserve’s aggressive shift in monetary policy. Bank stocks with outstanding variable-rate loans generate more in net interest income when interest rates rise. Bank of America tallied $13.9 billion in net interest income in the September-ended quarter, which was $2.7 billion higher than the prior-year period. With the central bank not done increasing rates, BofA can expect more of this net interest to flow directly to its bottom line. When a stock is hated and the sellers are in control, it’s like sharks smelling blood in the water. Investors continue to pile in on the short side, looking to squeeze every drop of profit out of the stock as its share price falls.

It’s important that you don’t go betting the farm on these plays and that you manage your risk accordingly. Sometimes the best play is to wait for the stock to break out following the report before you jump in to profit off a short squeeze. This way, you’re letting the trend emerge after the market has digested all of the news. As a result, Garmin currently has a short interest ratio of 12.5, implying that more than two weeks of buying pressure would be needed for shorts to cover their bets at current volume levels.

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