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You can sign up through GitHub , and they’ll help match you up with companies that need your services. PowerToFly focuses on matching women in tech with remote and work-from-home jobs. If you join the site’s talent database, you’ll then go through a vetting process and get matched for a paid trial (a 2-4 week test period) with a potential employer. When you’re ready for a roadmap to prepare yourself for everything else involved in the remote job application process — check out our guide on Finding a Remote Job here. Flexjobs has found that 66% of workers would prefer to remote work full-time after the pandemic is over if given the choice. Fiverr is a good site for finding your first gigs and building up a portfolio, and it exclusively offers remote opportunities. The site focuses on “gigs” or “micro-jobs,” such as editing an image in photoshop, designing a Facebook ad, or brainstorming SEO-rank-worthy article titles.

  • The world experienced a massive shift toward remote work all but overnight, and this forced remote work experiment has revealed the real extent to which jobs of all kinds can be done from anywhere.
  • This gives you more time and energy to learn new skills, build your personal brand and obviously advance your career!
  • A transcriptionist can work for a hospital, doctor’s office, a third-party service or be self-employed.

Animators are typically either 2D or 3D specialists, but some do both. Because there are so many different types of animation and so many levels of skill, pay for Animation jobs can vary widely. Often found in health care and legal fields, case managers work to understand patient or client needs and help connect them with resources. This might include providing education and guidance or advocating for them. In general, engineers use science, technology and math to design everything from machines to computer software to equipment. Engineering contains a lot of different specialties, including aerospace, chemical, civil, computer, petroleum, mechanical, software and more.

DIY Projects to Turn a Broken Monitor Into Something New

According to a winter 2020 survey of 133 executives, 83% said the shift to remote work has been successful for their company. “Many of us realized that our jobs could be done just as well and just as efficiently from our homes as from the office,” said Winters, co-founder of Cohen & Winters, a law firm. “Our mindset is that as long as our employees are doing what needs to be done, then it does not matter too much where they do it from.” New data suggests nearly two-thirds of the workforce will work remotely after the pandemic.

Take a look at Idealist, where they also post remote jobs for NGOs, websites like SimplyHired, and the digital nomad Facebook groups that often share opportunities for health coaching. The best remote jobs include positions in tech, healthcare, sales, customer service, and education. If you’re looking for jobs working from home online, try traditional job boards too. Some companies that typically only hire for specific locations post remote jobs as well.

Virtual assistant

You could answer customer service phone calls or answer chat/email requests, or both, depending on the company. This field does require training, and may not be as easy to break into as some of the others mentioned above, but it makes a great location independent career once you have the skills.

In this article, we look at 14 top remote positions, including job duties and average salaries for each. With a gorgeous user interface and extensive information about all the companies and jobs they feature, The Muse makes job working at home searching feel easy. Or you’re a digital nomad who wants to travel the world while being able to telecommute from anywhere with an internet connection. FinanceBuzz is an informational website that provides tips, advice, and recommendations to help you make financial decisions.

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This is great for anyone who likes to have multiple, very different projects going on at once or who is always looking for something new to learn. Though there are a variety of different types of roles in marketing, many people test the waters What is the Role of a Front-End Developer? Skills, Technologies, Salaries as generalists before committing to a specific niche. Virtual assistant roles aren’t necessarily full-time, which leaves a lot of flexibility. If you have time constraints, being a virtual assistant is one of the best part-time remote jobs.

best careers for remote work

A product designer takes an idea or concept through to becoming a real product that’s ready to be sold. This can include some areas mentioned above, like UI/UX, but often involves more as well. For example, if you have a medical or nursing background, you could become a medical writer and earn $100K-$150K or more while telecommuting.

Graphic Design

In the wake of COVID-19, our perspective on what is possible for remote work is expanding on a daily basis. But even as we’ve seen an increase in Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0- Complete Video Course Video Training remote work across a wide range of industries, there are still certain jobs and career types that are more suited for remote work than others.

What’s a strong resume title?

The title should be short, however, you may consider adding one or two words like strategic, motivated or dynamic. This can make your title more enticing to readers. Many resumes are also scanned over by applicant tracking systems and these systems typically search for keywords from the job description.

Whether you’re an entry-level worker with basic computer skills or an experienced professional with advanced technical certifications, there are remote jobs that fit your background and goals. Many of these positions offer more flexibility than on-site roles and pay that matches traditional jobs. Authentic Jobs bills itself as the “the job board for web professionals.” Click the “wireless logo” the site uses for its jobs search and then filter by remote jobs.

Work From Home Jobs Paying as Much or a Lot More Than the Average American Salary

There are frequently listings for programming jobs for both big and small companies on websites like, WeWorkRemotely, and Remote.Co which we recommend. Companies are looking for remote workers in these fields and typically don’t look for extensive experience. In fact, in some of the areas above like sales and recruitment, companies may even prefer to hire entry-level workers and train you on their way of doing things. Any company with a website or online presence needs digital marketing help. Along with social media and content creation, digital marketers also manage paid ad campaigns in many companies. While many online computer jobs require advanced technical skills, not every position will necessitate additional training and education.

best careers for remote work

Work-from-anywhere jobs make it possible to take your career wherever you want to go. Having the ability to truly work from anywhere in the world offers the ultimate location flexibility and independence. Receive job search tactics to find the best opportunities for you and tips for crafting your resume for remote-friendly Basic requirements to become a Python Developer employers. Because tech jobs, many of which are remote, are useful in an economy that is becoming increasingly digital, and many tech jobs don’t need face-to-face interaction. 69% of financial services companies expect to have 60% of their workforce working from home at least once a week going forward.

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